Bosch Packaging Services Clear and easy operation: Upgrading your machine’s HMI

Clear and easy operation: Upgrading your machine’s HMI

August 21, 2019

Whether your machines’ HMI hardware is obsolete or you simply want the latest operating system: We have the upgrade for you.

This HMI Replacement Kit combines a preprogrammed Beckhoff touchscreen panel PC and the latest software version for your vertical packaging machine. It comes with a 15-inch display, 24V DC,  Intel Atom Processor and all necessary cabling.


Safe, secure, efficient

With the upgraded hardware, you also receive the latest operating system for your HMI. This allows you to enable the latest anti-virus protection if needed. You’ll experience minimal downtime for the installation of this kit. In fact, we estimate that from shutdown to start up should take less than one eight hour day. To make sure your installation is hassle-free, hire one of our Bosch experts to perform the task for you.

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